Bauline is specialized in the production of top quality extensible tables with aluminum mechanisms that allow a remarkable extensibility and an excellent stability.  

Research, innovation, design and excellence in the working process of wood are the main characteristics of the tables on the move by Bauline. Dynamic surfaces and volumes that respond to the actual needs of reduced spaces.  

The idea was born ten year ago, from the intuition that the market was demanding new furniture solutions, able to make small living spaces more comfortable. That is how Bauline's tables on the move were born, consoles or small coffee tables that transform, easily into broad dining tables.  


Bauline's produktive philosophy actually goes around the project and the creation of beautiful and functional tables, which allow to live one's home in a smart way, and improving the quality life of who lives it.

The natural evolution has brought the company to take the path of design thanks to the aid of internationally reputed designers, such as Luca Scacchetti and Enzo Berti, who
aesthetically characterize Bauline's products.

The Bauline products aim at a medium-high target. The company is present in Italy and aboard, with the most qualified show rooms.


Enzo Berti /, 2011 | Watch the video
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Bauline @ Cosmit, 2010 | Watch the video

Virtual Tour stand Bauline
Salone Internazionale del Mobile / Milan, 2011
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